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Assorted European Dinner Rolls & Butter Garlic Bread Bruschetta Bread Italian Slab Bread Pizza Fucaccia Bread
Garden Fresh Tossed Salad Caeser Salad Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad Greek Salad Julienne Salad Spinach Salad Pasta Salad Potato Salad Cole Slaw Salad Bean Salad Wild Salad Mix Seafood Salad
Relish Platter (Carrots, celery, black & green olives, sweet pickles) Anipasto Misto (Genoa salami, Capicollo, green & black olives, Pickled mushrooms & a slice of cheese Antipasto Classico (Prosciutto, green & black olives, melon, charbroiled mixed veggies, pickled mushrooms & bocconcini ) Seafood Antipasto (Shrimp, kiwi mussels, crab salad chunkss, green & black olives, & artichoke ) Vegetarian Antipasto (half a roasted tomato, Charbroiled mixed veggies, & Bocconcini )
Stracciatella Soup Chicken Soup Minestrone Nicola's Stracciatella Soup (with homemade mini meatballs) Celestina Soup (chicken broth with vegetables & light omelet noodles) French Onion Soup Cream of Broccoli with Cheddar Cheese Cream of Mushroom Cream of Cauliflower Consomme Beef or Chicken with noodles Clam Chowder Fisherman's Soup Seafood Bisque or Lobster Bisque
Homemade Pasta
Regular Pasta (Penne, Fusili, cavatelli, tortellini, ravioli, fettuccini, spaghetti, linguine ) Lasagna (ground meat, mixed vegtables, or ricotta) Cannelloni (ground meat or ricotta) Manicotti ( ricotta & spinach) Pasta Rotolo (ground meat or ricotta & spinach ) Bucaneve ( rolled crepes stuffed with ricotta & spinach ) Pasta Fazzoletto ( ground meat or ricotta & spinach ) Pasta al Forno ( Pasta baked with ground meat, mozzarella & parmesan cheese )
Roasted New York Strip Loin Beef Roasted Eye of the Round Beef Roasted Prime Rib au Jus Breaded Beef Cutlets Char-broiled New York Strip Loin Steak Char-broiled Filet Mignon Char-broiled Rib-Eye or T-Bone Steak Beef Wellington
Wild Game Entrees
Quails Cacciatore Roasted Bacon Wrapped Quails Stuffed Cornish Games Hens (half) Oven Roasted Fresh Ontario Spring Lamb Char-broiled Fresh Ontario Lamb Chops Rabbit Cacciatore Oven Roasted Duck a l'orange
Veal Salt'n'Bocca Breaded Veal Cutlets or Veal Parmegiana Veal Scaloppini Nicola's Veal Rolls Oven Roasted Veal Veal Cordon Bleu Char-broiled French Veal Chop Salt'n'Bocca Char-broiled French Veal Chop Veal Spezzatino
Pork Entrees
Roasted Italian Sausage Breaded Spring Pork on a Stick Pork Souvlaki Breaded Pork Cutlets Marinated Pork Shish Kebob Roasted Stuffed Pork Char-broiled Pork Chops Leg of Porketta (55 - 60 lbs.; 100 - 200 ppl) Leg of Porketta (40 - 45 lbs.; 80 - 100 ppl) Leg of Porketta (15 - 20 lbs.; 35 - 40 ppl)
Oven Roasted Rosemary or Lemon Mint Chicken Southern Fried Breaded Chicken Breaded Chinken Cutlets or Parmegiana Chicken Cacciatore Breaded Chicken Cordon Bleu Chicken Florentine Chicken Kiev Grilled Chicken Breast Stuffed with - Spinach, wild mushrooms or Black Forest ham & cheese Chicken Salt 'n'Bocca City Chicken on a Stick Marinated Chicken Shish Kebob Chicken Souvlaki Chicken Wellington Chicken Breast in a white wine & lemon sauce Grilled Chicken Breast in a white wine & lemon sauce Marinated Char-broiled Chicken Breast Roasted Turkey Dinners with Stuffing
Fisherman's Platter (shrimp, scallops, calamari, fillet of sole) Breaded Shrimp Shrimp in a White Wine & Lemon Sauce Char-broiled Shrimp on a stick Breaded or Stuffed Filet of Sole Calamari in a Tomato Sauce Seasoned Calamari Lightly Floured Grilled Salmon Steak Pouched Salmon Steak Butter flied baked Lobster Tail Halved Lobster Tail Baked in a White Wine Sauce Crab Clusters Boiled in a Seasoned Broth
Baby Carrots or Carrot Coins with honey glazed, Brandied or Gingered Sauteed Peas & Mushrooms Steamed Green Beans with Garlic & Olive Oil Green Beans Almandine Steamed Broccoli or Cauliflower Buttered Snow Peas Sugared or Brandied Steamed Asparagus Primavera Mixed Veggies (Green & yellow beans, cauliflower, carrot coins) Char-broiled Mixed Veggies (Zucchini, eggplant, peppers, red onion) Florentine Mixed Veggies (Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot coins)
Roasted Rosemary Potatoes Roasted Parisienne Potatoes Steamed Red Potatoes with Butter & Parsley Baked Potatoes Scalloped Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Pear William Potatoes Baked Italian Style Potatoes
Mixed Vegetable Pilaf Rice Seasoned Rice Baby Shrimp Rice Pilaf Rice Wild Mushroom Pilaf Rice Risotto (can be made with any type of vegetable, meat, or seafood)
Fruit Cocktail Amaretto Mocha or Ricotta Cheese English Trifle Assorted Pies or Tarts Mixed Mini Sweets Assorted Mini Italian Pastries Sicilian Cannolli Assorted Cheese Cake Fruit Squares Apple or Cherry Crisp Assorted Fresh Fruits
Pasta by the Tray
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